Suada Shahini.

As a designer, I thrive on creating solutions for complex issues. Allowing me to show my determination and attention to detail in conjunction with my client-focused approach. And throughout this journey, I am able to learn new skills. Allowing me to further develop my approach. Which keeps me coming back for more.

I aspire to create designs that are more than just aesthetically appealing. But that communicates to an audience, whether it be for social good or aids in providing a platform for voices to be heard.

My design approach is guided by the design thinking process. Which strengthens the importance of researching and understanding the client's brief and/or project. That establishes the best action plan for both parties.


Social: @suada.shahini

Dental Wellness
A brand identity and campaign for Dental Wellness; focused on raising awareness of oral and dental health issues. Through the re-education of oral hygiene.

Clothing for Good
A visual identity designed for an exhibition in collaboration with AnglicareSA and Thread Together to highlight the impacts of clothing waste on the environment.

Your Time
A project undertaken with Benjamin Altieri and Francisco Labra, aimed at maintaining the mental wellbeing of new mothers during pregnancy and after birth.