Shavonne Bronish.

Hey! I’m Shavonne and I am a young creative raised in the country town of Renmark, where I grew-up along the banks of the River Murray. I am a horoscope reader, deep conversationalist and eager to bring out the best in people where I can. I am a very grounded and connected person who loves talking and seeking knowledge on all things self-development, growing as an individual and designer while living my best life.

Phone: 0432 684 810
Social: shavdesigns


Hobby outside of design?
My hobbies outside of design consist of enjoying a glass of wine or G+T (Roku or Malfy if im being specific) and taking a stroll through the markets.

What type of design do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy Branding, Publication and Website design the most.

Who is your design inspiration and why?
I wouldn’t say I have a particular design inspiration as such, I love to follow along many creatives’ journeys via social media in which I become inspired or influenced to add my own spin throughout my own creative work.

Looking through your portfolio, what is one piece of work that you are reallyproud of and why?
Looking through my portfolio, I am particularly proud of my Wine label project. Throughout this project I was able to deliver a unique design in which I had complete creative freedom with. I completed the brand identity for the wine company ‘U & ME Wines’ and established the companies point of difference to its competitors, which was their ocean aging technique along the South Australian Coast.
I am overly proud of this project as I was encouraged to enter these wine label designs into the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) 2020 awards, in which I became a finalist in the Student Packaging category.

AGDA Design Awards 2020 – Student Packaging Category Finalist