Lhord Manguera.

A recent graduate of Communication Design at the University of South Australia, Lhord Manguera is a multi-disciplinary creative with a passion for design theory that is equally matched by a love for photography and blue note jazz records.

Phone: 0484 087 516
Social: @lhordmanguera
Website: lhordmanguera.com
Email: hi@lhordmanguera.com


Describe yourself in three words.
Only three words?

Hobby outside of design?
Photography – Gives the soul a different reality to play with.

What type of design do you enjoy the most?
Layout design. I will always get goosebumps over clean and thoughtful layouts that have unique personalities within them.

Who is your design inspiration and why?
Matt Willey. Art Director of the New York Times Magazine. His ability to bring words to life through typography and image placement is just m i n d – b l o w i n g.

Looking through your portfolio, what is one piece of work that you are really proud of and why?
Humanist magazine intertwines my deep passion for layout design and photography. Combining, playing, pushing and pulling visual imagery with typographical information is an aspect of design I can and will lose hours in.