Jeflynn Yong.

My name is Jeflynn. I’m from Malaysia, currently in my final year studying Bachelor of Design, specialising in communication design. I remembered back in the days when I studied in Singapore since aged 13. I have to wake up at 5 am every morning to cross over from Malaysia to Singapore to get to school. After graduating from secondary school, I decided that I wanted to do something interesting. After much consideration, I enrolled in interactive and digital media course as my diploma. During my diploma, I have learnt how to do 2D game programming, 3D modelling, HTML web programming, 2D and 3D animation... basically media related stuff. We also learnt some basic graphic design using photoshop, illustrator and InDesign. And that is when I started to discover my interest in graphic designing, so here I am, a communication design student.



Describe yourself in three words

Small, Introverted extrovert, Procrastinator

Hobby outside of design?
I really love to do craft work, any activity that requires hands-on would interest me.

What type of design do you enjoy the most?
I love minimalistic design, and also design that uses line work and solid colour.

Who is your design inspiration and why?
A Designer/Illustrator and visual artist named Mariono Pascual is one of my favourite designers. His artwork uses a lot of line work and solid colour but it is also very interesting to look at. I happen to come across his website and it was very fun and interesting, that’s when I was drawn to all of his work.

Looking through your portfolio, what is one piece of work that you are really proud of and why?
I am very proud of the children-parent activity book which I designed for the Major Design Research Project. It is my first time attempting to draw a kid’s bedtime story and I was worrying that I couldn’t draw nicely, but it came out really nice! I feel like I had achieved something that I couldn’t do last time, so I’m really proud of it