Isabella Cutting.

Hi, I’m Isabella, a young Communication Design graduate from the University of South Australia. I am excited to begin my journey as a qualified graphic designer and apply my skills gained from my time at university to future design briefs. With a passion for creating unique solutions, I love adding my own creative flair to a range of design projects particularly custom logos, brand identity and packaging.

Phone: 0420 211 839
Social: @ic___design


Describe yourself in three words.
Creative, Friendly, Motivated. 

Hobby outside of design?
Travelling (when it was possible!)

What type of design do you enjoy the most?
Package design and any brand identity design work.

Looking through your portfolio, what is one piece of work that you are really proud of and why?
My Iced Tea packaging is probably one of the pieces of work I am most proud of as it is something really different and was very rewarding and enjoyable to create the packaging for the physical bottles and secondary packaging.