Ethan Haylock.

My name is Ethan, I am an Adelaide based Communication Designer and master’s student with over five years of professional and academic experience.

After completing my bachelor’s degree in 2017, I returned to academia in 2019  to refine my practical skills and engage with design theory in a research context. As a part of Match Studio, I have since worked collaboratively with clients such as the Maggie Beer Foundation, the Samstag Museum of Art and the University of South Australia’s Career Services. In the process developing large scale design outcomes that address relevant problems that affect real people. Outside of University I have helped to develop brand identities and marketing material for small businesses and mid-sized companies.

For me, the process of creating effective design is finding meaning and order amongst chaos. Wherein the often intersecting stages of empathise, define, ideate and test converge towards a single outcome.

Believing that every problem has a unique solution, I try to avoid imposing a personal aesthetic on to projects. That being said I have fondness for bold colours, organic shapes and type that strikes the perfect balance between expression and readability. Additionally I pride myself on having a strong eye for detail and a compulsive tendency towards alignment and balance.


Phone: 0438 124 954

Essence – Dining in Aged Care
Essence for the Maggie Beer Foundation is a go-to resource for aged care homes filled with recommendations to help reinvigorate people’s flavour for food, enhance the dining experienceand improve the quality of life among residents. Divided into environmental and sensory these recommendations cover the broad economic and social spectrum of aged care homes, while also enabling co-design practices to help home’s self-determine what changes can be made. This outcome was in individual collaboration with fellow Match Studio designer Benjamin Altieri.

Find Your Self
Inspired by Carl Jung’s 12 archetypes, Find Your Self is a card game that asks players to unlock their mind and determine how different personality types would respond to different narrative situations. Designed as a clinical, social, or self-facilitating tool for positive psychological behavioural change, Find Your Self draws upon research into dual process theory and open-ended design to enable scalability of application and a diverse set of user outcomes.

Visualising Mental Health - Let’s Deal With It
Let’s Deal With It is a card game targeted at young people aged 15 -25 that uses gamification as a social or clinical conduit for cognitive behavioural therapy. Players compartmentalise the linear progression of thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, in turn responding to everyday situations through role play. This was in collaboration with fellow designers Sarah Fazzini, Isabella Whittaker, Sarae Morella and Melinda Gaughwin, with close consultation from Psychologist Dr Gareth Furber.

UniSA Career Services – Survey Report
A findings and communications strategy report for the University’s Career Services based on market research conducted by myself and co-designers Benjamin Altieri and Huong Tra Hoang. This written report is a culmination of a survey devised to understand student awareness and engagement with Career Services. Attention towards iconography, spacious infographics and careful use of colour application have been utilised to succinctly convey the complexity of demographic categories, trends and different academic communication strategies.