Christine Tran.

Hi I’m Christine.

I am a Photography enthusiast (landscape, street, and people) and I hope to pursue it as my main career. I participated in this Communication Design program to strengthen further skills which are beneficial to know as a photographer such as understanding basic design principles that also apply to photography. Studying Design also makes the way I see my real surroundings in a new way, therefore the way I take and edit my photos have evolved to look more interesting. My Instagram is my casual portfolio featuring photos I take for fun and a few design projects. I plan to make it more professional soon and add more interesting works.

My future goal and dream is to travel as much as possible and take many amazing photos of different cultures and foods around the world. One of my interests is attending concerts so it would also be nice to be a photographer for different artists one day.

Phone: 0431 862 349
Social: @christinetran1260